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Workplace Massage

Often referred to as “Corporate Massage” this is an excellent way to show your employees that you appreciate all of their hardwork. LB Mobile Massage offers several types of services for your workplace allowing you to choose, or offer it all to your staff. These services are designed to give your employees some quick tension relief without leaving them in a “massage fog” for the rest of their day

Massage Table
Hand Massage


Think "Chair Massage" without the chair. Service is performed with client fully clothed. The therapist will customize the session for each client.


Performed on a massage table with client fully clothed this service uses a massage gun on one or more areas of your choice. Works great for those problem spots that make it hard to get through your day


Sit back in a heated anti-gravity chair while your massage therapist works out all that stiffness and tension in your hands and/or feet. Great for clients who spend most of their days clacking at keyboards or on their feet!
This also makes a great option for clients unable to lay on a typical massage table.

Workplace Massage: Services


Rates will vary based on each booking's individual details.

  • Daily Fee starting at $30 per day

  • Each service is $1 per minute of service (10 min =$10, 15 min = $15 etc)

  • Additional fees may occur for sites outside Milwaukee County and additional therapists required. 

  • Rates do not include gratuity for the therapist(s)

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